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Look to the sky by brandrificus Look to the sky by brandrificus
Very inspiting Central Oregon skyscape !

Look to the sky
This morning I made the redundant commute into Bend as I do daily . Tired , stressed and despondant .The morning was cold and cloudy adding to my faltering mood . I took the same straight route as usual through the high traffic , winding streets of the city and made my way to the southernmost portion to drop Kaylee off for school.

As I came around a long curve to some uninhabited areas near the school , I looked up .I forget sometimes why I moved to this small town , but when I looked up this morning something magical happend.It was like a mystical being lifting my spirit when it knew how desperately I needed it !

The clouds were a mixed texture of smooth and long ,flecked with fluffy powder puffs and streaks. Their stunning hues from indigo to white contrased against the vivid green of the pine trees that lined the streets before me.Though the sun was hidden behind this glorious display , one break in these clouds allowed a few rays of it's light to peek through .Sparkling rays of magical light shone down before me , as if heaven itself was singing in all it's glory. Singing "The Clouds are dark and gray now , but the sun WILL shine again !"

We sometimes forget to look up when everything feels like it's seems to be crashing down.I have resolved to look up to the sky , and take in all the glory of natures wonder every time I feel low .To remember that no matter how bleak the the views are before me , it will get brighter , if I just look up !.

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notofthisearth Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010
Very Nice.

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